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CentriKid 2018 is here!

Parents, check out the track descriptions and registration form. We need a notarized copy with a copy of your health insurance card before we get on the bus to go to camp. Both of those can be found here.


What does my child get if they go to camp?

A camp experience rooted in Scripture

Communicating the Gospel to kids is why we do camp. At CentriKid you'll find solid biblical content woven throughout every element of camp, from interactive Bible studies and fun rec games to worship, activity tracks, and even hang time. We go to camp with a clear purpose – building a biblical foundation for kids!

A safe space

We take safety seriously, and make it a priority with kids. At camp you’ll find a safe place for you kid—emotionally, spiritually, and physically. You can rest assured that every staff member and chaperone value the safety of your kid!

Some new friends

Staff members and chaperones will invest in your kid's life everyone waking moment of camp. They'll show God's love in the fun times and when they're getting homesick, while in line getting lunch and at the rec fields, while they're in church group time or in large group worship. Your child will also deepen their friendships from our church and make new friends from like-minded churches all over the region.

A Well programmed week

Your child will learn responsibility as they manage a schedule, their laundry and bathing, and their spending money. Their daily schedule will be busy enough to keep them engaged but not too jam packed that they burn out. Each day starts around 7am and we finish up around 10:30pm. Staff and counselors guide your kids to where they need to be and they're given some freedom to hang out with their friends. Your kids will come home exhausted but for weeks you'll hear about how camp was the best week of their year!

Grab the Parent Information Packet by clicking on the button.