Fort Caroline Baptist Church is a regional Southern Baptist Congregation serving Southeast Jacksonville by reaching people from all walks of life.

Our vision is:

1. To be a Bible-centered and mission-driven fellowship.
2. To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the thousands of people in our community.
3. To help people experience God in creative, spiritual, celebrative, and relevant worship services.
4. To impact our community through life-changing ministries.
5. To help every member fulfill his/her life’s mission in the world through the discovery, development, and deployment of spiritual gifts.
6. To send out hundreds of church members all around the world on short and long-term mission trips.

7. To continually foster an atmosphere where members are eager to invite their lost and un-churched friends to Fort Caroline Baptist Church.
8. To lead our LifeGroups to grow through proven principles.
9. To lead our church to expand opportunities for worship which will accommodate our continued growth.
10. To strive for excellence in everything we do, giving Christ the best we have to offer.