Because of the uncertainly of the track of Hurricane Irma, the dismissal of Duval County Schools, and knowing that many of our families are opting to evacuate the area, we are going to cancel services on Sunday. We know that many of you would come if we were having services and we feel blessed for that. However, we feel that Sunday will possibly begin some of the effects of the storm. We want youto be safe. 

For those who give online through E-Giving or Subsplash, thank you. For those who normally give on Sunday morning and are able, you can select the link to give online. We will use a variety of ways to communicate that we will not have services on Sunday. Please get the word out in your circles. Please check the church Facebook page for updates. 

In our last update we discussed our inability to be a hurricane shelter because we are not certified by F.E.M.A to be a shelter. We have also learned through conversations with our Insurance provider that we cannot provide temporary shelter, unless there was a church sponsored event going on at that time. We would not be covered in the event that anything happened while families may be here seeking temporary shelter during times when we were not offering scheduled church events. We urge anyone who may feel the need to evacuate the area as Irma approaches to find a place of safety and shelter.

Church office hours: Thursday we will close the office at 1:30 p.m.; Friday the office will be closed, and Monday the office will be closed. Please keep up with our Facebook page for any changes.

We may have people that need assistance after the hurricane passes. We will seek to use our Facebook page to mobilize efforts to assist people.

Please pray for all those who have already been impacted by Irma and those who will be impacted by this powerful hurricane.