You and your family have made it to the end of another school year. Regardless of your school situation, it feels like an achievement for all of you, doesn’t it? Think of all those early morning wake-ups, those last minute projects, the forms, and the guilt-induced volunteering you’ve accomplished over the last few seasons.

It’s a big deal! And it’s definitely something worth celebrating. Before you dive into summer, get a date on the calendar to gather your family together to talk about all the awesome things that happened this school year.

Below are some suggestions for what this celebration could look like. Don’t feel like you need to complete each step. In fact, we want you to tailor each section for what would work best for your family.


  • Confirm a time and date that everyone can get together for about an hour. Put a reminder in a central location—like on the fridge or by the home computer.

  • Make the celebration a little more enticing by offering everyone’s favorite snack. Cupcakes usually draw a crowd!

  • Consider adding some decorations if you’re celebrating at home—a few streamers, some noise makers, and if you’re extra brave, some silly string.

  • Prepare some fun awards beforehand. You can even print out certificates or buy objects that represent the award.
    For example, “The No Cavities Award” would get a new toothbrush. Or the “New Bike Rider Award” would get a bike horn.


  • Start with your fun awards. Take time to share funny stories that go with the awards. End by taking a family selfie with your awards and posting it to social media.

  • Transition to the “Family Wins Celebration” portion by asking the following questions about the school year. Keep track of the answers. You may want them later.

    • What’s one new thing you learned?

    • What’s one new skill you gained?

    • What’s an area you improved in?

    • What’s one way you grew in character?

    • What’s one way you grew in your faith?

    • What’s one thing you’re really proud of from this school year?

    • What’s your favorite friend-related memory?

    • What’s your favorite family-related memory?

  • What are some things we could do next school year to make it even better than this last one?

  • After you're finished with your questions, give each family member a sincere compliment, telling them some of the wins you’ve noticed.

  • End your time together by spending a few minutes in prayer, thanking God for the past year, and praying for an awesome, safe, and connected summer.


  • Record some of the family-related answers in a creative way. Maybe on a chalkboard, a whiteboard, poster, cardstock— whatever you have on-hand.

  • Post this in a central location so you can celebrate the wins all summer long.

  • Write each person’s wins on a separate piece of paper or sticky-note and put it somewhere in their room or bathroom, where they’ll see it every day.

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