If you or a loved one is in need of a visit, please call the church office at (904) 642-2288 and give us the information. One of the pastors, deacons, or assistants will be glad to help.


Pastoral Counseling Service at Fort Caroline Baptist Church

Helping People Cope More Effectively with the Contemporary Issues of Life

The Pastoral Counseling Service was established to assist individuals, couples, families, and groups in dealing with difficult life experiences. Each of us will occasionally have concerns that bring about questions or conflicts. Some of these may cause us emotional stress or make it difficult to function as effectively as one would like.

Christian Counseling is unique in that it uses not only psychological understanding, but spiritual resources to bring healing and growth to those who are experiencing difficulties with living, working, or relating.

Individual, Couples & Family Counseling sessions are typically held weekly and last 50 minutes to an hour. If you are having personal problems or difficulty in relating as a couple or family you may benefit from counseling.

Group Counseling programs can help you improve understanding of self and increase your effectiveness in relating to others. Specific groups are scheduled as needed and are limited to 7-12 participants.

Confidentiality: Counseling is a confidential process. Information you share in counseling will not be disclosed outside of the counseling office without your written permission (except when a failure to disclose information could result in physical harm to you or others).


Typical reasons to seek counseling include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal life problems such as depression, anxiety, doubt, frustration, a lack of fulfillment, or a sense of failure
  • Marital discord
  • Family & parenting difficulties
  • Emotional or spiritual problems related to physical illness
  • Dilemmas of growing up, parenting, or aging
  • Unresolved inner conflicts from the past
  • Stress related to job, vocation, or unemployment



Dr. Carl Kyle is available by appointment only and can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time by calling or stopping by the church office. For strictest confidence, appointments can be made by calling the counselor directly at his office number.

(904) 642-2288 (x 14)
(904) 493-2127 (confidential voice mail)


Fee Schedule
Fees are paid to the church when services are rendered.

  • Members of Fort Caroline Baptist Church - $80 per session
  • Non-members of Fort Caroline Baptist Church - $80 per session


Dr. Carl Kyle

Dr. Carl Kyle

Meet the Counselor

Reverend Carl Kyle, D. Min. is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. He has been in ministry for over 28 years. He is a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) with the State of Florida (#MH-6378).