We are building our social media team and are looking for people with a heart to serve and a love for all things social media to volunteer with us!

Positions include (but not limited to):

Social Media Strategists
These individuals’ responsibilities include:

  • Develop a content strategy for social media platforms (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • Identify social media benchmarks (engagement/reach/audience growth, etc.)

Content Creator
 (Writers, Photographers, Editors, Graphic Designers, etc.)
These individuals provide the content that will be published on all social platforms. Examples include:

  • Instagram posts like this
  • Taking photos at an event
  • Editing / Proofreading articles
  • Designing flyers/slides like this or this
  • Identifying editorial content/images/videos that we should repost
  • Amplifying our content/postings by re-tweeting/re-posting/sharing Fort Caroline Baptist Church content across your social networks

Social Media Manager(s)

This position acts as the organizational hub for the social team. The individual(s) that fill this position will act as the liaison between the social strategists, content creators, and the directors of the ministries of the church.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing, distributing and maintaining the social content calendars for all social media platforms (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/Vimeo)
  • Assisting in quality control of all content posted

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the form below.


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